Any good right angle power cables?

Im looking for a high quality power cable for a Yamaha ysp-5600 soundbar. I a/b tested with a few different types of Shunyata cables on the soundbar and heard an obvious difference and want to upgrade, but the power cable sticks out and wife wont have it. Any good cables that are angled without an adapter (would rather invest money toward cable than an adapter)? If not... are there any adapters that are recommended? On that note...any power cables recommended for this sound bar?
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I second the idea above regarding purchasing a ninety-degree adapter and then plugging in your straight power cord?
I purchased a Voodoo 90 degree adaptor and just connected it to a straight power cord. It worked great.
I had a ysp-1 for 13 years that finally died and I replaced it with the ysp 5600 yesterday and the power outlet is on the opposite side! I screwed myself burying all the cords and cables in the wall and only routing to 1 side. I guess I could cut the female end off the buried cord and male end of the new cord and hardwire them together, or I could take the mantle apart and run the new cord down the other side.rats.