Any HE Speakers with Sonus Faber Sound?

I would like to try SET but am NOT parting with my SF Toy Towers so was wondering if there were any High Efficiency speakers that have the wonderfully organic tone that SF produces?Thanks much everyone.Take care.

10-04-15: Mechans
The sound will be different, with the SET almost requirement of Horn loaded drivers or very efficient full range single driver speakers. I think that they are an acquired taste.
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Not true. High efficiency speakers aren't limited to horn or single drivers.

I have actually heard Sonist Concerto 4 at RMAF. It sounded like Sonus Faber Cremona M but with deeper bass. It's a good bang for the buck considering price and performance ratio IMHO.
I agree with S1nn3r in that there's definitely variety and choices in this genre. There are numerous speakers to select from in the HE category. In addition to Sonist, here are a few more to consider. Vaughn Audio, Coincident, Tonian Labs, Audio Note,Horning, Ocellia. There are more. Many flavors exist for the SET choices, 2A3, 300b, 211,845 etc. Within the same output tube family there's ample variation of sound and presentation. Bottom line, lots of choices to get the type of sound you seek.

Do you know if Tonian Labs Is going out of business? The website states they don't distribute most of their main product like Supra, PHY-HP and AER. Just curious.
As far as I know Tonian is still around. Since the death of Bernard Salabert(Phy driver builder/owner) Tonian no longer sources the Phy for his speakers. Ocellia now owns Phy.
I suspect a SET amp in general will inherently provide more of the kind of sound you seek.

With a SET, the challenge will be finding speakers efficient easy to drive and extended enough to compete with what is possible otherwise. With only a few watts, the onus is on the speaker to make up the slack and if that includes full range extended bass at higher listening levels the speakers could end being quite large and expensive.