Any ideas in speaker choices would be great

I am looking to upgrade my current speakers. (Ultra highend guys no laughing)currently I am using a set of Dahlquist DQ10's. For me the sound stage is great with an excellent dimension width and depth as most albums and CDs the vocals and music seems 10-15 feet behind the speakers.

The main problem is the footprint size and second, they are not efficient. I currently run muse 150 mono blocks (SS) with a Quicksilver full function tube preamp thus the efficiency is not that much of an issue however as I move around alot physical space is becomes an issue more often. I would like to find a replacement that that is much thinner in size but doesnt hit me in the face with sound, and ofcourse I would NOT like to spend $15,000.

After several years of enjoying and hauling around the DQ10's I remember what the previous owner said to me as I bought them from him "I love the sound and unless you want to spend 5 grand or more you wont find anything that can compares for the money...but I just dont have the room for them anymore". Well I am not there yet and I could spend 5 grand or more but dont want to be disapointed with the stage and so on... just to save some floor space and spend alot of money. So like I started this any ideas would be great as I would like to find a higher end used pair but will consider all options. I would like to spend 2K but will spend up 5k as my amps are only class "B". Please give me your thoughts and thanks for reading.
Sell your SS poweramps and replace them with tubed power amps.The fact that you have a tube pre doesn't matter the staging you want comes from tube power amps honest. I went thru this painful and costly effort myself. I know this runs contrary to the popular belief that all you need is a tube someplace in the system. It just isn't true. The SS amps flatten the benefit of the tubes. Any speaker will do as long as it maintains a reasonable impedance. You would be shocked to hear very few watts driving big speakers if the amps have good trannies.
I would recommend trying Merlin Vsms as an example of a good staging speaker that do well with Bobby Palkovic's (Merlin's owner) preferred Ars Sonus amp which is only 30wpc. You can find a pair of VSMs used on the Gon for your budget.
No I am not selling any and no affiliation ,I have heard them many times.
Alon I MkII advertised here today.I owned the II's and regret selling them.
Try second hand Energy Pro 22 or 22.3...this will bring your soundstage more forward (not so recessed in the mid range) won't cost you a cent as you can find these second hand for the same price as your DQ10.

Honestly, I can't think of much at 2 K price range these days that gets you as much speaker as this legend...inflation I guess on the wood work etc.
Many Alons for sale here are good buys. I've recently seen Dahlquist 20s on ebay go for $275 which are also a steal. Your preamp is not a tubish sounding preamp to begin with. Your amps are fine to drive these speakers but the preamp is limiting your sound.

Happy Listening.