Any ideas in speaker choices would be great

I am looking to upgrade my current speakers. (Ultra highend guys no laughing)currently I am using a set of Dahlquist DQ10's. For me the sound stage is great with an excellent dimension width and depth as most albums and CDs the vocals and music seems 10-15 feet behind the speakers.

The main problem is the footprint size and second, they are not efficient. I currently run muse 150 mono blocks (SS) with a Quicksilver full function tube preamp thus the efficiency is not that much of an issue however as I move around alot physical space is becomes an issue more often. I would like to find a replacement that that is much thinner in size but doesnt hit me in the face with sound, and ofcourse I would NOT like to spend $15,000.

After several years of enjoying and hauling around the DQ10's I remember what the previous owner said to me as I bought them from him "I love the sound and unless you want to spend 5 grand or more you wont find anything that can compares for the money...but I just dont have the room for them anymore". Well I am not there yet and I could spend 5 grand or more but dont want to be disapointed with the stage and so on... just to save some floor space and spend alot of money. So like I started this any ideas would be great as I would like to find a higher end used pair but will consider all options. I would like to spend 2K but will spend up 5k as my amps are only class "B". Please give me your thoughts and thanks for reading.
great pick up line for the ladies, and I have decided not to sell the DQ 10s, I do like to alons as well though, but the clut following and the sound and look of the dqs shall stay for along time with me as they roll my second stands are orginal thus they sit up about a foot. hey what do you guys think of my quicksilver preamp?
how about my amps? will talk to you all in a few
( Check out The Absolute Sound's review of the Magnepan 1.6 and see if the description of it's imaging doesn't match what you are used to from the DQ-10s(Search for Stereophile's review as well). DON'T EVER apologize for your love of the Dahlquists. They still have quite a following in the "musical truth" cult, a number of people offer upgrades (cross-over/LF driver/ribbon super-tweeter/etc), and the original designer/builders still offer support (they call themselves Regnar now). The (now classic) design incorporated ground-breaking ideas like time alignment, phase array, corrective cross-overs, and (eventually) mirror-imaging that are still being explored/developed in today's industry. The Maggies won't save you much as far as the footprint, but you'll never be disappointed by a lack of musical truth. Sometimes they are available used on this site for far less than what you've got budgeted.
Well Growler- Since you've opted to keep the DQ's: Here's a page of reviews to peruse that mention some of the mods that Regnar( performs.( I think you've made a good choice! Happy listening!
rodman thanks for the updates......I guess I am lucky to have held onto the them (dq10's) The alons are doing jsut fine.....I will be reasearching the magnepan asap. I was thinking of going to an all tube system IE going to tube mono blocks and getting rid of my SS mono blocks just wanted to know what you think