Any ideas in speaker choices would be great

I am looking to upgrade my current speakers. (Ultra highend guys no laughing)currently I am using a set of Dahlquist DQ10's. For me the sound stage is great with an excellent dimension width and depth as most albums and CDs the vocals and music seems 10-15 feet behind the speakers.

The main problem is the footprint size and second, they are not efficient. I currently run muse 150 mono blocks (SS) with a Quicksilver full function tube preamp thus the efficiency is not that much of an issue however as I move around alot physical space is becomes an issue more often. I would like to find a replacement that that is much thinner in size but doesnt hit me in the face with sound, and ofcourse I would NOT like to spend $15,000.

After several years of enjoying and hauling around the DQ10's I remember what the previous owner said to me as I bought them from him "I love the sound and unless you want to spend 5 grand or more you wont find anything that can compares for the money...but I just dont have the room for them anymore". Well I am not there yet and I could spend 5 grand or more but dont want to be disapointed with the stage and so on... just to save some floor space and spend alot of money. So like I started this any ideas would be great as I would like to find a higher end used pair but will consider all options. I would like to spend 2K but will spend up 5k as my amps are only class "B". Please give me your thoughts and thanks for reading.
( Check out The Absolute Sound's review of the Magnepan 1.6 and see if the description of it's imaging doesn't match what you are used to from the DQ-10s(Search for Stereophile's review as well). DON'T EVER apologize for your love of the Dahlquists. They still have quite a following in the "musical truth" cult, a number of people offer upgrades (cross-over/LF driver/ribbon super-tweeter/etc), and the original designer/builders still offer support (they call themselves Regnar now). The (now classic) design incorporated ground-breaking ideas like time alignment, phase array, corrective cross-overs, and (eventually) mirror-imaging that are still being explored/developed in today's industry. The Maggies won't save you much as far as the footprint, but you'll never be disappointed by a lack of musical truth. Sometimes they are available used on this site for far less than what you've got budgeted.
Well Growler- Since you've opted to keep the DQ's: Here's a page of reviews to peruse that mention some of the mods that Regnar( performs.( I think you've made a good choice! Happy listening!
rodman thanks for the updates......I guess I am lucky to have held onto the them (dq10's) The alons are doing jsut fine.....I will be reasearching the magnepan asap. I was thinking of going to an all tube system IE going to tube mono blocks and getting rid of my SS mono blocks just wanted to know what you think