Any ideas on why I am experiencing interruptions with playback on my Oppo BDP-105

Recently started experiencing interruptions during playback.  The manual says it could be caused by interference from other devices, but my set up and everything in the house has remained the same since before I started getting the interruptions.

I did, along with asking in several forums.  Oppo came through very quickly, provided some troubleshooting tips along with solutions based on what I found during troubleshooting.  Turned out to be interference from the TV connection (HDMI).  Moved things around, used different ports and trouble seems to have been fixed.

I assumed the OEM would be the last to respond, I was wrong they were the first.  Lesson learned, and at least in the case of Oppo I can't be happier with their service.

I know this thread is older but I wanted to echo r_burke's comment on OPPO support.....those guys are great.   The 103D is my first experience with OPPO and it's such a great machine.  I had a few issues but they were very helpful in getting the player set up properly.