Any Impressions of Electrofluidics Monolith 20/20? Are they suitable for Mcintosh Amp?

Hi I would like to seek your advise. 

I got myself Living Voice (LV)  Avatar II speakers. The ideal speaker cables for the LV are electrofluidics monolith 20/20 cables. These cables are low inductance but of high capacitance. 

I have read that some amps may not suit such high capacitance  cables (eg Naim). My amps are an  McIntosh  7100 power amp (with power guard) and Mcintosh C15 preamp. Both are slimline models and have no autoformers. Would these cables be allright to pair with my amps as I intend to get it.  The cables are 6 feet each single ended.

Appreciate your thoughts.


I'm wondering who told you that they were the ideal cables for those speakers. That's always a matter of your own taste.