Any info on a VTL Utlimate Preamp with MC Please

Hi there I just picked up a VTL Ultimate Preamp, I can see on audiogon it was the second version which included a MC Phono Section. I called up VTL and it was before they had computers for manuals.

It has a Stereo/Mono Switch, In theory could this be used with a second ultimate for Mono configuration? Also has anyone played with Balance Adjust and found a sweet spot?

By the way this is a VERY awesome preamp and a true classic, It is FAST! and not for a tube unit just FAST!


I am not aware of a first and second version, just standard gain and high gain versions.

I am looking for the standard version if anybody knows of one for sale.

The mono switch is also usefull for balancing your system.

It is very fast, A little brighter. I'll be honest my system has been switching around at such rapid pace I'll have to get back to you in a couple days

The MC-7 Has much better grip and and control of the overall flow in the mid-bass and bass. It is a darker unit but not really dark.

I need more time to give a better evaluation. I can say this is not your everyday tube preamp! Sorry for the very short answer but its all I can commit to right now