Any input on A+T PA 2500R integrated VS. Ayre or Pass Labs INT 60?

Thinking of getting the A+T PA 2500R intergrated amp, have read great things about it but can not audition one since there is no dealer close by. Looking for input on this amp. My speakers are Wilson Audio Sasha 1. Other choices were  the Ayre AX5 Twenty or Pass Labs INT 60 (these are my choices since I am trading in an Arcam A49. 

I never even heard of the A&T PA 2500R until you mentioned it in your previous thread. Of the three, it would appear as though it's the only one spec'd to handle the Wilson Audio Sasha 1's amplifier load. I'd sure like to hear it or at least see some independent testing. I'm not sure what Class of operation it's running, but having so little in the way of heat sinks, and  having them placed in the middle of the chassis, makes me wonder about it's power claims.