Any love for the Gentalex Gold Lion 12ax7 gold pin?

I am not a fan of new production tubes but have to say I really like this tube better than my Telefunkens. The Telefunkens sound bright and not as musical.I also have some black plate RCA’s and early 60’s Mullards and others. I’m really enjoying these gold pin GL’s. Are they better than the RCA and Mullard not sure. But if you ask me today I say yes.


i emailed Audio Hungary a while back and asked what tube they voiced or preferred in the A50i and he said the Gold Lion gold pin with out a doubt are the best in this amp vs vintage tubes. I thought for sure he was wrong but he built the amp he must know something. Better than vintage he’s got to be wrong. What the hell I bought some, not cheap either. So I just received them and stuck them in and I’m very impressed. 

The amp also takes 4 6922’s and the amp came stock with Gold Lion gold pin but not a fan of those. I much more prefer my Amprex SQ, PQ’s, Valvo’s,and others. The Gold Lion gold pin 6922’ s sound sterile and lifeless compare to my vintage 6922 tube’s.

Anyone experience this with this tube or any other current production signal tube? I find it balanced all the way through. Little caught off guard with this one.


The Gold Lions have never impressed me.  Though I haven’t tried12ax7’s.  Typically I find that the one’s I have tried have no soul.

The 6922’s GL gold pin can’t pull them out fast enough. I like them better than the Telefunken smooth plate but never was crazy about that tube anyway. 

I like the sound of NOS better that the GLX7,         B...U...T...

The GL's have never let me down and they are 80% there....all day and all night...