Any Maplenoll Apollo owners?

I just recieved my most recent maplenoll purchase, a used Apollo table from a fellow agoner. The table is actually a slight hybrid from the traditional apollo as it was one of the apollo's modified by Lloyd Walker when he was affiliated with Maplenoll as a distributor.(i think that is the correct story:). I have become very familar with the ariadne having the original white reference with the lighter platter and the ariadne signature with the heavy platter. The apollo is a little different in that it has the motor on a separate plinth from the table and the tonearm has a little diffent style VTA adjustment. As many of you already know, the apollo like the other maplenolltables are high mass and unsuspended chassis. I have not set it up yet so i do not know how it sounds vs my modded ariadne signature. I understand from the previous owner that he did not use the vacuum hold down but rather used a heavy weight stabilzer on top. I curious if any one has personal experience with the apollo who can commment on set up issues or their experience with the vacuum system. The air system has been modified from the typical maplenoll as the connections have been upgraded to compresson fittings vs barb fittings. I know from my own experience that getting the air system right is one of the keys to getting the most out of these airbearing tables. Also, i would be interested in what cartridges you are using or have used with this table. the tonearm is very short and very rigid. Not certain of the weight so I do not know if the zyx cartridges (my favorite line) will work well with this table. I currently own an airy 3s and UNIverse (silver coils). Thanks in advance for advice and comments. I will get some pics on my system profile as i get the table set up.

Sorry for the belated response to your post, but I don't check Audiogon's forums very often. I may have some information that may help you in the care and feeding of your Apollo. If interested, please contact me offline.

Scott Leventhal
I am a new Apollo owner. I was hoping to pick your brain on the scorpion II pump. If you like it. Also your experience with ZYX cartridges on the Apollo. Look forward to your reply. 

All the best,

Jeff Stephens