any Marillion Fans?

I used to listen to them a lot back in Cuba during college,
since I came to America 8 years ago, I haven't met anyone really into this kind of music.
Interesting post. It just so happens that I am the new (about a year now) lead singer of Iluvatar, the band mentioned by RlWainwright. Our band is more mainstream prog rock, similar to Marillion; often compared to Genesis, Rush, Yes or even Kansas.
Marillion fan here :) I'm actually watching the Bluray "Live From Cadogan Hall" right now... I grew up listening to Marillion but just a little... Now I can't stop listening to the Live From Cadogan... I liked Fish, but I really Like Steve Hogarth's vocals and his style... What a nice clean recording this is... Sounds darn good... I only got into Marillion because a guy I used to hang out with has loved Marillion since I've known him... Great musicians!!! Best of all, MOG has this recording :)
What hooked me? Their album covers. Finally, I snagged a few NM copies from my local 1/2 Price Books. Great music too! They now adorn my walls as well.
I have not heard either band,but they sound interesting.I will give them a listen!
I grew up in Eastern Europe in the '80s and "Kayleigh" and "Lavender" were huge hits. I've had a sweet spot for them ever since, but stopped following them after Fish left. Once I got into analog a few years ago, I've acquired double copies of all of their records with Fish, and love listening to them on my vinyl rig. They are very well recorded, perhaps a bit hot on the vocals on "Fugazi," but otherwise top notch. I also think Steve Rothery is a very underrated guitar player. His solos on "Fugazi" and "Misplaced Childhood" are first-rate. Finally, their cover artwork is in my top three next to Santana and Moody Blues, probably my favorite.