Any Mark Knopfler fans out there?

I have been a Dire Straits fan since they first started. Had most of their music when I was in college and enjoyed it on my roommates hi-fi system. (Never cared too much for Brothers in Arms).Those old tapes and LPs are long gone but since getting into hi-fi recently I am replacing them with CDs and really falling in love with them again.

Really didn't know anything about Knopfler's very prolific solo career until I got Tracker. Very different from Dire Straits but a really great album musically and sonically (with great DR!). I subsequently listened to some of his other solo stuff and it left me a little cold. Sailing to Philadelphia is okay to me, Privateering seems closer to Tracker in style and content. I ordered it on CD but it has not arrived yet.

His new album comes out later this month. Not sure what to expect. Some of the same band members will be on it. It is described as slow and folksy which is what most of his solo stuff has been. Hope it is not too much 'slower' than Tracker.

Any thoughts on Knopfler's solo career or this upcoming new album?
I've listened to Down the Road Wherever twice now and I'm a bit disappointed. The Celtic themes are pretty much gone. Not complaining about that, he's hung with them for years now. Maybe it was time for a change.

But, not much to grab me on this new album. I'll give it another listen or two but don't see me buying this one.
  1. Yes sir! Have a special connection to the finest person and guitarist in the world! 
Saw him at Red Rocks Amphitheater after RMAF 2019 

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. He and the band are very talented musicians 

I will never forget the first time I heard "Dire Straits". At 11:45 pm I returned home from my hospital shift. I turned on the radio as I always did and I can't remember the song, but I remember the voice. Who's that I thought. The vocalist sounded a little like Bob Dylan. I loved what I was hearing and the radio dj
solved the mystery. It was Mark K. and Dire Straits. The rest is history. I was a big fan of D S and later of Mark K. Been well  over 40 years.