Any Members Tried the Audio Interface CST-80 SUT?

My curiosity got the better of me and I just bought this SUT from Japan and wondered if anyone else had any experience with it. The very little I could find seemed to indicate it is a respectable unit and has even been likened to the highly acclaimed Cotter SUT.

It was made in the US around 1982 and came in two varieties. There was a 3 Ohm version with 30dB of gain and a 40 Ohm version with 20dB of gain.

I currently use a Fidelity Research FRT-4 which is excellent and has 4 different taps 100 Ohms, 30 Ohms, 10 Ohms and 3 Ohms + Pass Through for MM.  It will be interesting to see how it compares the FRT-4.

I will use it with my 1.0 mV / 60 Ohms Shinon Boron Red which currently uses the 100 Ohm tap on my FRT-4.



@ateal , My first SUT was   FRT4. Because this one is

copper version I wanted to check the output cable. I was

surprised about the amount of corrosion. So the obvious solution

is to solder an new cable. I moved then to Denon-AU-S1 which is

better made and without all those aluminum switches in the

signal path. I hope you also changed the output cable?

Hi nandric, I opened my FRT 4 when I first got it and it was clean as a whistle, no corrosion, like new. 

I should clarify that the FRT 4 is outstanding but the AI just gives that little bit more.
Coming in late here, but, a friend gave me one of the 3 ohm versions to sell for him along with several other pieces. I don't need it for my own system as I added Sowter SUTs into my Hagerman Trumpet years ago. I'm trying to get a sense of the value of this. Thoughts?
I saw one not long ago on a Japanese site for $999. But it may be gone — which would suggest it's a viable price. On the other hand I paid $60 for mine. Somewhere in between seems right. Does that help?

OTOH, I've seen Cotters selling fast in the $2–3+K range, and many consider the AI better... but as we know perceived value and true quality are not related.
Dear @piedpiper :  Early this year one gone for 400.00. So between 500.00/ 600.00 price to negociate with  could be ok.