Any Members Tried the Audio Interface CST-80 SUT?

My curiosity got the better of me and I just bought this SUT from Japan and wondered if anyone else had any experience with it. The very little I could find seemed to indicate it is a respectable unit and has even been likened to the highly acclaimed Cotter SUT.

It was made in the US around 1982 and came in two varieties. There was a 3 Ohm version with 30dB of gain and a 40 Ohm version with 20dB of gain.

I currently use a Fidelity Research FRT-4 which is excellent and has 4 different taps 100 Ohms, 30 Ohms, 10 Ohms and 3 Ohms + Pass Through for MM.  It will be interesting to see how it compares the FRT-4.

I will use it with my 1.0 mV / 60 Ohms Shinon Boron Red which currently uses the 100 Ohm tap on my FRT-4.


Having purchased both versions recently I think $400 would get you a very quick sale for the 3 Ohm version as this price is an absolute bargain for what it is. 

I think $700 is probably the high side but you could still get a buyer if someone knows enough about this SUT and really wants one. I personally think $700 is fair value for this SUT as it is truly outstanding. 
I notice there is one for sale in Japan for $900 but it has obviously gone unsold for quite some time. That kind of brackets the price effectively. I wish I had a use for it but I look forward to finding an appropriate home soon. Thanks again!
Is there any chance you could compare against your Hagerman and report your findings. Sure would be good to see how this little SUT compares to one of the great Phono stages. 
I have to add that after six months with the 3 Ohm version of the Audio Interface I am still blown away each evening with the way this SUT manages to create the most amazing holographic soundscape. 

I am currently using it with a rotation of Fidelity Research PMC1, MC202 and Spectral Reference. All LOMC’s around the 0.2mV range. 

My journey with SUT’s has been like a restoration project on a rare and historical piece of art. With each SUT it has been like removing a single layer of grime from the artwork and then in comes the Audio Interface like a super cleaner that makes that 15th century piece of art become super crystal clear with every nuance and color contrast being visible for all to see. 

Suffice to say, the FRT4, whilst very very good, has gone to a new home. I will keep both 40 Ohm and 3 Ohm versions of this amazing SUT.