Any Nashville enthusiasts?

Moved here in June 2021, any locals or Audio clubs in the area drop me a line. Wanting to meet some fellow audio/music lovers here.  


I'm willing to kick that off. I have a history of hosting 50 folks to all day home theater and stereo get-togethers back in MIchigan in the 2008-2012 years. We had a Michigan home theater group, HEMI. I don't have an HT these days but put all my Sheckles into the stereo now.

Anlover, I'm up the road in Gallatin.

I'm sending out an email today to some folks who I have been able to reach. Agon makes it almost impossible to reach out to one another. There is no intention of competing with the already established Nashville Audio Society, but they are on facecrack and since I don't do social media we're going rogue via email.


Tom, do you want in on this?

Who is in charge of membership info for this group please?