any noisefree wireless headphones?

I'm considering a wireless 900 MHz RF headphone set for casual household A-V listening, so sound quality is not critical although of course sound is still a consideration. There are budget Advents available for around $60, on up thru the midline Sony's & then the Sennheiser RS-85 ($270 list - $170 new at discount).
Years ago I tried a wireless Sennheiser infrared model headset which had an objectionable level of background white-noise hiss. I'm wondering if anyone can please share any experiences with these newer-generation RF wireless headphones as related to the background noise issue? A little bit of white noise is acceptable, but I returned that older noisy headset right away & do not wish to repeat that experience. Thanks in advance for any input.
I recently test drove the Sennheiser top-o-the-line wireless. (I don't do well with model numbers.) No white noise but horrible distortion on all three pairs I tried. Too much dough for that sort of garbage IMHO.