Any one else have this complaint?

I have avalon speakers and the binding posts are on the bottom, and it is a huge pain to change them(speaker cables). I believe Vandy's are the same way. I just changed speaker cables again and it take about an hour to tip them over change the cables get them back on the spikes and then close to the right spot , and toy with them getting them perfect over the next few days. With some speakers you don't have to do this, it is enough of a pain that I would not get another pair of avalons for this reason- am I the only one who thinks it is as annoying as it is? their must be a better way!!
Hi Tim- I can commiserate with you. I was auditioning various SC's a while back while owning Eidolons and it was cumbersome to say the least. The interaction between pair of firehoses,er, FIM Gold SC's, the placement of binding posts on the Eidolons and myself resulted in bent binding posts. Fortunately the Avalons aren't that heavy, but the sequence you describe I've been through, and it is indeed a pain in the ass. As long as the pleasure/pain ratio favors the numerator, I guess we just tolerate it :-)BTW-Survive your night on the town with the demented ones?
As already mentioned in other posts; I have Thiel speakers -
a pair of 3.5s - and have to deal with all the associated
problems of installing new cables and then re-positioning
the speakers. This is made even more difficult as I have
a carpeted listening room and the speakers have spikes installed - so I have to be careful not to rip or shred the
carpet. And to make matters even more difficult - I am
looking forward to moving up to Thiel 3.6 speakers this fall; which weigh about 100 lbs. each!
Hi Tim, I used to own Thiel 3.6 speakers and believe me I know how it feels like when you have to change the speaker cables. Unfortunately I can't help you with physically doing it.
In regards to putting the speakers back in place after you change it,if you mean just putting it on the same position I may have a simple solution by just placing a marker (ie. electric tape)on the floor in front and one side of the speakers before you change speaker cables.
I hope this helps.
Normally I have to enlist the aid of my 16 year old son to tip back my Thiel CS7.2s so I have enough room to work. By myself I have to tip them over on their side. They're so heavy (~170lbs) that the indentations from the spikes are very clearly imprinted in the carpet, so its easy to get them back into the original position. What I really don't care for with this design is the fact that you have to rotate the spades 180 degrees to fit. On thick/stiff cables, or cables such as my Oracles w/network box, this can be a real pain. The new Thiel 1.6s now have the posts on the lower back. Fortunately I don't change cables all that often, but do take them off every 3/4 months to clean the connections.

My Kharma CE 2.2s weigh a 100-lbs each. The binding posts are 3.5 inches above the bottom edge of speakers and roughly 5-inches above the floor. They are on spikes, which rest on discs. I experience no problems in changing wires. I'm very surprised to hear that you actually have to tip the Avalons to change wires -- I'd say that's a design flaw and unacceptable.