Any one going to the new LA Audio show at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel

This will be my 4th audio show. Been to the Newport Show 3 years in a row. Had a great time each time i went.  They moved that show to later in the year and moved the location close to Disneyland. Did not want to have  the tourist crowd in the way for the audio show. Hoping the LA show will provide as good or better show. 
Any one else going to the LA show?
I really wanted to make the trip to LA ... mostly to get firsthand listen to Tekton Design speakers, updated Channel Islands gear (which I own), and a couple of others. Now it's up in the air. Please post pics/impressions in case I don't make it.
Looks like can't get away to LA ... L.A. Audio Show is only couple blocks from my old office on Imperial Hwy.  I guess always next year :-)

I was once in LA and never will return again. Nothing there to see for me at all.

Filthy, old, neglected, unmanaged, unattractive, repulsive, depressive and beat up city (still feeling of  that post-WW2 debris) and half-way down or more destructed buildings.

Where did you go?   I lived in So Cal for 5 years, 2nd job after college and had a GREAT time.  Met some life long friends ...  Got a Guards Red Porsche, no worries, no responsibilities ... simpler times :-) Mostly hung around PCH in Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach.    

you left out "dangerous"

There are bad neighborhoods in all cities.   I also lived in DC for several years for work and talk about dangerous, every other block is dangerous.  Yikes!