Any one has experience with Sugden Integrated?

Looking to buy one of these class A Integrated , A21A or A21SE, will pair it with Tannoy GR Speakers , any input will be appreciated.
I have experience lusting after them, does that count? The Sig Edition with some Tannoys would be some kind of heaven I think.
After trying Bryston 17b cubed with Bryston 4b cubed with my PMC twenty 5/26 and not really enjoying the sound I decided to go the Sugden route I purchased a Masterclass 1A4 integrated pure class A 33 watts/ channel  and now I am in heaven Sugden has all the power I need to produce the soundstage the detail the base and balance the pmc is capable of making. I was thinking of purchasing another Masterclass for my Fact 8s but I am waiting for delivery of my Goldnote IS 1000 integrated built in dac streamer and gain adjustment if it doesn’t work out I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another  Sugden for my Facts. 
Thanks for the input captain Steve but the one within my budget is the A21 or the A21SE which is a lower model not sure if it make a difference
I have the A21SE Sig., and think it sounds better than my Pass xa30.8, at least to my ears.  I guess, to me, it sounds more tube like, more liquid and more three dimensional.  Of course, the Pass has more power, and speaker pairing is more flexible, but the Sugden has more magic.