Any one has experience with Sugden Integrated?

Looking to buy one of these class A Integrated , A21A or A21SE, will pair it with Tannoy GR Speakers , any input will be appreciated.
I have the A21SE Sig., and think it sounds better than my Pass xa30.8, at least to my ears.  I guess, to me, it sounds more tube like, more liquid and more three dimensional.  Of course, the Pass has more power, and speaker pairing is more flexible, but the Sugden has more magic.
Lots of great reviews on Sugden A21se I think it would be great for your Tannoys I think they are more efficient than my PMC 86 dB I can’t get past 10 o’clock   on the volume before it just to loud for listening pleasure 
FYI. There are 2 Sugden amps for sale on Canuck audio mart a21a $2300 cdn and a21se sig for $2999 cdn great deals with the US dollar check them out 
I own the A21se and love it. Check out the recent Tone Publications review. The review ends this way:

“I guarantee that this is an amplifier, that once you hear it, you will never forget it. Very enthusiastically recommended, especially in a world where we mistakenly think that “high end sound” requires a six figure budget.”

I used a Sugden Masterclass SpA-4 with my Turnberry Gr and it was one of the best pairings I had.