Any one tried David Elrod's EPS power cables?

Looking for opinions on his line of PC's and has anyone tried one between the wall and the Hydra? Thanks
I have David's cords at this time for evaluation. I have known David a long time and consider him a good friend. I mention that only in passing to let you know that there is some bias.

I also have the two original Hydra's since Caelin from Shunyata is one of my best friends and he was kind enough to give them to me for my showroom. The difference between the Hydra's that I have and the ones on the market is they are heavy 70 lbs, have 8 outlets and you can use a 15 amp iec or a 20 amp iec so I can experiment with any powercords on the market.

To answer your question the EPS cord works very well with the Hydra.
jtinn: we've been through this before but it has not, apparently, been resolved. YOU ARE AN AUDIO DEALER. you should, IMO, disclose this in EVERY post you make. indeed, in my view, you should post only in the name of your business. i find your statements, such as "they are awesome," to be deceptive, since they appear to emanate from an audio enthusiast, rather than one who has a monetary stake in the products he touts. -cfb
well comfedboy has disclosed his thoughts... mine are different.. i am not a dealer, but have gotten great advice from many people including dealers such as is my right to listen to whomever i wish, i could care less if they are system is excellent with the addition of the most recent audioaero cd player... thanks jonathin again...
Have many good cables here like the Shunyata Cobra, Omega Mikro w/ active Shielding, BMI Whale and lots of others. David was gracious enough to send me one to audition directly after CES. All I can say is I would never think of turning on my main rig now w/o one of his PCs in the set up. It is incredibly dynamic and open. Transparent just isn't a strong enough word. The EPS is eerie in how life-like cymbals, bells, triangles, & such are represented. Plus, you can always return the thing if not happy so what's there to lose? I think though if you hear it in your system for 3 or 4 weeks and then take it out, you won't be able to plug it back in fast enough!
sonrisa: could you please provide me your telephone number? i represent any number of telemarketers who would love to have you on their lists. -cfb

ps- compare jtinn's post to the one just below it. now, what's wrong with this picture?