Any opinions on a possible switch from Von Schweikert VR-1 to Spendor SA1 speakers?

I am currently using Von Schweikert VR-1 speakers. I like them, but don't love them, and there is a pair of Spendor SA1 available near me here in Portugal.

My listening space is smallish and fairly shallow, and hard floors abound. I am powering the system with a recently refreshed Accuphase E-303 integrated, which I like very much.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.


Tony C.
My thought is spendors are likeable good speakers but not lovable great ones. Might be a lateral not forward move for you. Also they wont play any better with your room than the von sch do - could even be worse. Honestly i would think your setup would be a good match so you may consider room improvements first? Other ideas - quads, harbeth, kef, tannoy. 

I’ve owned many Spendors over the years. The only Spendor I did not like was the SA1. It was way too bright for my taste. I can’t comment on the VR-1 having never heard it! If you like a speaker that is on the bright side you just might like the SA1.
I like older Spendors; BC-1, LS3/5A.  However, the SA-1 is tough.  For that size the smallest Harbeth is far more engaging and musical.  Give them a listen.

Thanks guys. That is very helpful, as given my room dynamics, bright wouldn't be good.

I'll do some digging into the Harbeths. Any particular model(s) that you would recommend?
If you are looking for a stand mounted type for a small room you can't go wrong with the  Harbeth P3ESR. The Spendor 3/5R is also one to put on your list. I have owned both of these and I can recommend either one. Both of these are a sealed two way and placement is not that critical.