Any opinions on retubeing W/winged c or mullard re

I'm retubeing my cary v12's and decided between the winged c's(formerly svetlana) and the new reissue mullards.
usually listen to classic jazz on LP,SACD and CD.

Do a search in the Tube Forum in Audio Asylum - you will find a lot of comments about the Mullard re-issues, the SED's, and some comparisions of the two.
I have now had 2 sets of the Mullards go bad. I find the Winged are much better sounding and last.
I also have had poor luck with the Mullard reissues. One of four went bad and then another one of four- all this with less than 100 hrs. I'm using EI fat bottle and they have not had a failure- knock on wood. They sound pretty good too.
Recently purchased an octet of Winged"C" 6550s(the latest iteration)to replace the Phillips ECGs in my modded Cary SLM-100s. Got them from Upscale Audio after much agonizing over departing from NOS tubes. Much ado about nothing!! They are performing beautifully!