Any opinions on the AMR Digital Processor 777 Dac?

I am wondering what users are thinking of this dac and if they have compared it to similarly priced units. I haven't seen much information or any professional reviews at this point and I am intrigued by it's functionality.
Karmakuma, I will personally choose AMR DP777 over NAD M51. To me the NAD makes more Hi-Fi sense, the AMR makes more musical sense.

More specifically, if you love big bass the NAD will do better. But the AMR's naturalness and delicacy in midrange is really something special.

Any saying like "sleeper", "world beater", "everything" is just misleading. Nothing is the best and it all depends on your priority. It's easy to buy HiFi-ish DAC for around $1~2K, but very hard to buy musically involving DAC even if you spend $10~20K. The AMR is not a perfect DAC, but at least in a few aspects it enters the cost-no-object category.

You stated "But the AMR's naturalness and delicacy in midrange is really something special." This is exactly what I found with the NAD M51. I would classify it as very musical -- more musical that the AMR in my system. And the NAD M51 has no design issues. Regarding musicality, much is system dependent, IMO.
There's an interesting head fi thread on this in the headphone world in the summit fi forum.
Are you still using power cords in series, via the VH Audio PC break-in adapters??? I tried this and am curious if you are still doing it or if you are still running in series with your SC's and IC's also...

And to be thread relevant, I sold my DP-777 for a Lampizator DAC.