Any opinions on the AMR Digital Processor 777 Dac?

I am wondering what users are thinking of this dac and if they have compared it to similarly priced units. I haven't seen much information or any professional reviews at this point and I am intrigued by it's functionality.
The AMR distributor in the states told me the SE upgrade would ship toward the 3rd week of June.
Audiofun, thanks for the tip on iFi iTube, I am very tempted to try it and am trying to overcome my reservation of adding a zero gain device to enhance the sound as I had tube buffers before. This implies an additional set of expensive interconnects and the reservation that something gets "lost during the translation". Which ICs do you use between transport and DAC, DAC to iTube and iTube to amp(s)?
I am using NordOst Valhalla as PC and hope to add more body with a HiDiamond P4 shortly, loosing some speed and maybe resolution in the process.
I promise you wont lose anything and I also hold that simpler is NOT always better :)

I make my own highly sheilded high band-width interconnect and digital cables.

FYI, the iTube is LIGHT YEARS ahead of former buffers I have tried in the past such as the Musical Fidelity to the point they should not be compared (IMHO).