Any other Cecile McLorin Salvant fans out there?

An audiophile friend recently played a recording by Cecile McLorin Salvant, "Woman Child" and it was outstanding! It has been a long time since I have heard a female vocalist with the talent and incredible voice of Cecile. She's a cross between Billy Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. There isn't a stinker on the recording. The production is superb; fantastic recording, mix and very musical. If you like female jazz vocalists have a listen; you will be glad you did!
I heard a cut off of the album the other night on a jazz station and i thought
it was great- "Cutting the Rug" or some such title. sings and plays piano
very very well. i couldn't agree more. i might just get a copy meself...
I'm the person who turned Hifimaniac on to Cecille McLorin Salvant. I absolutely fell in love with her singing when I saw her at the Detroit Jazz Festival in front of an top notch orchestra. I heartily agree that her debut American disc, Woman Child, is an absolute work of art. The compositions, most written by others, are top notch, her singing style is lush and sprinkled with tons of very tasty details, her accompanying musicians are top shelf, particularly the pianist and acoustic guitarist, and oh yeah, the sound is incredible! To paraphrase the movie guys, two thumbs way up on this Mack Avenue release. As far as I know this label hasn't been well known for Jazz but they did a super job on this one for sure!
If you are like me can't get enough of Cecille, she has an older CD available from her website. Its a trio or quartet. A good CD IMHO and a must have for CMS fans!
She was mentioned on another thread here some time ago as well. Reference quality production and performance all around. A definite must have.