Any other Pipe And Slippers Audiophiles out there? • View topic - Half pipe and slippers..........


Welcome here "old man"  ... I am only 72 soon 73  in 8 months ...😋

 I also forgot what i have on my feet going outdoor ... is it a sign ?

@fbgbill.  Me too.  I'm 80 don,t smoke but wear my LL bean Moccasins all day around the house and some times out when I forget I have them on.

MacAllen 15 yo or Blanton's at the moment for whiskey favs.

Socks or bare feet - I hate slippers and all other forms of foot wear unless necessary.

Can't talk about a pipe that I may or may not own or what may or may not be in said pipe, if it existed.

Pipe? sure

Sick ghost rider, that's a nice stove

"Let’s have a mandatory draft and put the rappers in the kitchen
And see who goes missing"

Hash pipe and sippers, perhaps....

Times have changed, y'all....ghezz.....