Any other Pipe And Slippers Audiophiles out there? • View topic - Half pipe and slippers..........

128x128yogiboy got whupped by the catz....Katz inda' House....All you pipe is ours....*L*


"Pipe and Slippers" in the English vernacular, as applied to listeners, is a sometimes pejorative term used to identify those who use rather old fashioned equipment and are happy with comfortable sound rather than chasing higher fidelity.

I'm comfortably listening to Mogwai on my Linn Kans powered by Quad II tube amps. Slippers in place.

Loafers --> fine

Cigars ---> rub it down with whisky ---> light it up on patio or deck outside (don't smoke up the listening room dude!)

I'm with fbgbill on the LLBean mocs.  I wear out a pair every 2-3 years because they are always on my feet (indoors).  And I do wear a bathrobe over my normal shirt and pants.  And my hand does usually have a glass of bourbon on the rocks.  So if you can picture an 84yo sitting in a chair wrapped in a navy Terry LL Bean robe and slippers, sipping a Makers Mark on the rocks, you've got an up-to-date picture to contemplate.  (And yes, I do often sit off to one side of the room.)