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I have pretty modest tastes in both audio and liquor. Couple of days ago I picked up a bottle of Maker’s Mark 101. In my humble opinion, one of the nicest bourbons and an especially good bargain. Goes well with my KEF R3 Metas fortified by dual HSU subs. Still lobbying for that leather recliner to put in my listening position.

Thanks for a fun topic, yogiboy...

Happy see the LL Bean references from our older "Tribe" in GoN responding to our photo.   Recently, I celebrated my 25th year in Customer Service for LL Bean...still family held, 1 120 year old Maine company.  It's not unusual to serve Customers over age 90, still enjoying their humor and zest.    And ya, our comfortable, warm slippers (house-shoes down south,) remain a staple. 

Seeing our subject in that photo, ruminating in a comfortable chair so depicts our beloved hobby.  Some might suggest "smug" like our friends who find expensive gear and tastes excessive.  Others might suggest "content" having found the end of the rainbow.  I embrace both, finding the spark of conflicting opinions, done in the spirit of consultation and growth, can lead to greater understanding and solutions.  

"House-shoes" is more specific to my hobby...remaining active, always striving towards better sound.  Late last night, I experimented by moving my Herbie's HAL-O III Tube Stabilizers down from the top third on the tubes to the bottom third of the tubes on my Music Reference RM-10 MKII amplifier.  Yeps, a more natural decay and calm with no loss of dynamic.  Onwards!

More Peace, Pin          (bold print for old eyes)