any other XLR interconnects i should demo?

nearing what i think is the end of my IC comparisons. want to see if there is anything that i've missed. not that i want to try every IC ever made....just want to make sure i've covered most of the more readily available IC's.

i say readily available because i'm looking used/preowned. would consider new but prefer the value in preowned

IC is for my consonance cdp too krell integrated s-300i, feeding aerial 7b's. have tried out 4 so far with one pair inbound. none have jumped up so far and said "i'm the one". understanding that no one can tell me what "the one" is, other then myself.....just looking for things to demo before deciding.

would like to stay under $500 used. would love to spend alot less. listen to 50% rock/alt rock, 30% jazz/smooth jazz, 20% classical.

what i've tried and what my thoughts are so far (read opinion).

Cardas Gold Ref: too warm/veiled

Acoustic Zen Silver Ref II: tad too bright

Audioquest Colorado: bass not tight enough.

Audioquest Columbia: bass not tight enough and a little harsh up top.

Tara Labs Air 2: inbound. will try next week (would appreciate any input on these as well)

if i had choose between the 4 i've tried....the audioquest colorado would be the current front runner.

so has anything flown under my radar that is worth a try? (based on what my feelings are regarding the ones i have tried).

thanks for your help.