Any Pink Floyd Fans out there ???

Now that was a dumb question, wasn't it ? : )

Anybody familiar with any of the various "Pink Floyd Tribute Albums" that are out there ? While many of these types of projects fall flat on their face, I've got one titled "A Saucerful of Pink: A Tribute To Pink Floyd" on Cleopatra ( CLEO 9551-2 ). This one is pretty well done and comes from a primarily "dark yet artsy electronica" perspective. Two discs full of "Floydian interpretations" from such bands as Psychic TV, Alien Sex Fiend, Nik Turner of Hawkwind fame, my old friend Thomas' band The Electric Hellfire Club, etc... Most of the songs are still highly recognizable and true to form yet different enough to add a bit of spice to the originals. Kind of like eating a familiar recipe but made by someone else in a different kitchen. It's still good but just not exactly what you were expecting : )

Anybody else have any other "Floydian Tributes" or similar types of music / bands to recommend ? Sean
There are a few albums made by Out Of Phase: The Wall 2000, DSOTM 2001, Animals2001, WYWH 2…. (don’t remember exact numbers but you’ve got the idea)
They are actually pretty good. Like up-to-date remakes with a slight twist. I’ve enjoyed them. Funny thing they make you appreciate the original PF records even more. Just show you that modern tools and skills aren’t enough if there is no real genius present. And those PF records were made 20 – 30 years ago…
BTW, there is a CD, don’t remember exact name, but it’s a Bluegrass tribute to PF. Stay away. It’s not even funny how bad it is.
Porcupine Tree is one of the best new bands you will ever hear if you like this type of music.
I just bought the Roger waters in the flesh DVD yesterday. WHY didnt i buy it sooner?? I agree the band is good, not the same as if the rest of the guys were there, but good. And i am a big PF fan , i cant get enough of em.. Can anyone reccomend a good floyd cd? I already have:

Dark Side Of The Moon
The Wall
And i have The wall live

ive been thinkin of WYWH or Momentary Lapse Of reason