Any Pink Floyd Fans out there ???

Now that was a dumb question, wasn't it ? : )

Anybody familiar with any of the various "Pink Floyd Tribute Albums" that are out there ? While many of these types of projects fall flat on their face, I've got one titled "A Saucerful of Pink: A Tribute To Pink Floyd" on Cleopatra ( CLEO 9551-2 ). This one is pretty well done and comes from a primarily "dark yet artsy electronica" perspective. Two discs full of "Floydian interpretations" from such bands as Psychic TV, Alien Sex Fiend, Nik Turner of Hawkwind fame, my old friend Thomas' band The Electric Hellfire Club, etc... Most of the songs are still highly recognizable and true to form yet different enough to add a bit of spice to the originals. Kind of like eating a familiar recipe but made by someone else in a different kitchen. It's still good but just not exactly what you were expecting : )

Anybody else have any other "Floydian Tributes" or similar types of music / bands to recommend ? Sean
Haoleb, you need to get "Wish You Were Here". Awesome recording and great music to boot! It will fit in well with your other Floyd recordings. BTW: The Division Bell and Momentary Lapse of Reason, both post RW, are good albums as well!
Yeah.. Next time i go to borders i will have to get em..
They didnt have it yesterday.. but always get new stuff in
Don't forget Meddle the album before DSOM-miles better than post-Waters stuff imho.
I second Treyhoss' suggestion. I like the Division Bell too although you don't hear many people mention it when speaking of Floyd. Meddle is a classic and needs no further introduction.

Have you ever wondered where Floyd would be now / where they would have gone if Sid had stayed in the band ???? Anybody ever listen to his solo stuff ?

As to Rwwear's question about Porcupine Tree, i bought two of their albums based on similar recommendations. They are listenable but nothing special in my book. That is not to say that someone else might not love them, only that i didn't.

Any of you folks listen to old Hawkwind stuff ? Am i showing my age again ??? : ) Sean