Any previous Wadia users?? Or did everyone move?


I am playing with a Wadia 860x but am thinking of upgrading. An automatic option would be to buy the Wadia 581 with the GNSC mod. However I don't see many people using this player on the forum. I actually don't see many people using Wadia at all. Is there any reason for that? Did everyone switch or has Wadia never been popular? I see many people using the EMM-labs player (either one box or Transport/DAC) with great succes. Apparently an excellent player.

Does anyone can give their view why or why not they use Wadia and have eg EMM-Labs as alternative?

This might help me in making my decision.

I've stayed with Wadia (thru thick and thin -- for them!) since 1990. Properly set up with other high quality components, they are the most musical (Redbook) digital equipment I've heard. They even do a great job with HDCD because they employ their patented software D/A conversion rather than Burr-Brown DAC chips. And they always used the TEAC/Esoteric VRDS disc-clamping mechanism, or some version of it.

If I were primarily interested in SACD (I'm not), I would definitely consider EMM-labs, as they have carved out a great reputation with that format, and I haven't heard Wadia's new multi-format player. But it sounds like Redbook is your primary interest. I haven't had Steve Huntley @ GNSC do any mods on my 27 (yet!) but he's serviced my WT2000 transport which is an incredible machine.

Aural Symphonics makes glass (AT&T) cables for both Wadia and EMM equipment. As far as I'm concerned, that's the ONLY way to go if you have separate CDT/DAC.
I am completely satisfied with my 861 it has the GN Statement mod. I cannot think of a better player this is my third I had an 860X and a stock 861.

I have never needed service but a couple years ago I needed a box they sent me one free of charge and also picked up the shipping.

I met John Schaffer at CES and he invited me to come by the factory.

Great products and a great company.
Agree with the two previous posts. I had a Wadia 25 DAC back in '96-'97 then switched to the single-box 860 in '97. Have continually upgraded the 860 over the years to current 861es. I still haven't heard digital (one-box or separates) done better to the point of making me want to switch. I intend to keep this player for another 10 years if I can keep getting it serviced.
Wadia is great - I have owned a 302 bought new for a littele over a year. There have been worries about the company's stability in the past, but they seem to be doing pretty well right now. Given the fading market for audiophile type gear I don't know how you could predict the shelf life of anyone focused solely on the high end.
Maxx1973: What information are you using to draw that (flawed) conclusion? Besides, high-end audio isn't a popularity contest. Wadia makes some fine products and offers outstanding customer support. And Steve at Great Northern Sound offers excellent upgrades and additional support.

I have owned a lot of digital gear (Theta, Classe, Levinson, Electrocompaniet, etc.) over the years, but my quest ended several years ago when I bought a Wadia 861 and had it modified by GNSC. I'm sure there is better stuff out there, but not for the money, and not if you're looking for high resolution and musicality. IMO.