Any PS Audio PPP owners upgrade to P5 regenerator?

Ever since I became aware of the idea of power regeneration, I found it a very appealing concept.  Years ago I started with a PS Audio P500.  It yielded good sound but was only 50% efficient, thus using a lot of AC and serving as a space heater!

Along came the Premier Power Plant that increased the efficiency to 85% thus running cooler.  I tried running my entire rig off of the PPP only to have the regenerator fail under the strain.  PS stood solidly behind their product and sent me a new model.  This served me well for the last 7 years...but...I did not hook my power amp up to it so as to reduce the strain.  The amp was plugged into a PS Audio Duet conditioner.  

Over the last several months I noticed the output power distortion rose from what used to be .3-.4% to .9-1.0%.  Upon calling PS and talking to tech. support, they indicated that they were offering a significant discount on the newer P5 Power Plant for a trade-in of the PPP.  No shipping costs to me either way!

Like many of us in this hobby, upgrading was hard to resist.  Apparently the made in China quality control was not what PS had for with the PPP and they were making the offer to reduce the PPP's in the field.  The made in Boulder, CO P5 was touted as having much tighter QC and a 16 bit regenerator circuit versus the PPP's 8 bit.  

Once the P5 arrived, I hooked up everything but the amp as it had been with the 2nd PPP.  Upon calling PS to ask tech. support for some feature clarifications and discussing my system, I was strongly encouraged to hook my amp up.  I was assured that the more robust P5 would have no problems with it.  Right they were.  With the entire system of SACD player with outboard power supply attached as well as my line stage and phono preamp I am only using about 1/3 of its available power output!  Using the multi wave setting which allows for increased charging time of the P5's output waveform "feeding connected equipment with power that lowers the connected equipment's power supply ripple, much the same way as increasing the power supply capacitance of connected equipment." 

The accompanying remote allows the user to switch from normal sine wave output to multi wave on the fly.  The increase in bass attack (Kickdrum!) and the tautness of deep bass is irresistible using multiwave. On fine recordings the soundspace takes on an a gripping 3D aspect, an organic nature I've not heard from my system previously.

Upon just re-reading the above this has turned into a review/endorsement.  Sorry about that!  I would appreciate hearing of other A'goners' experiences with regenerators, especially the PS models.  It is remarkable to hear how Paul McGowan and company have refined the original regenerator idea over the years.

I know from previous threads that many of you do not like your amps on conditioners, as you've experienced dynamic constriction.  I'm not disputing that at all here.  Indeed PS Audio makes the P10 (big beast) for power needier systems.  And I don't doubt that there is equipment out there that may not respond well to the P5 or P10 regenerator.  I'm loving what the P5 is doing for mine!

And yes in case anyone is wondering, it does require a week or so to open up and dance.

  Nice report on the p5.  I have the ppp and am looking to upgrade to the p5 or p10 if I can find a nice deal for a used one.  I would suggest that you ask this question on the ps audio forum because you will probably get more input.  I think ps audio is one of the better big audio manufactures right now,  they have really good customer support.  Glad you are enjoying your new gear
@kedoades   PS is offering a 42% discount on the P5 for the return of a PPP. I don't know what their offer might be on the P10. As mentioned earlier they will also pay all shipping costs.
I upgraded from a PPP to a P10. Noticeable improvement in microdynamics. I have my CD player and SET amp plugged into it with great energy all music. Highly recommended.