Any Quick ,Cheap Tricks for Scratchy/Dirty CDs

My SCD-1 is getting a little more finicky about scratchy CDs, sometimes not being able to read them.

In many cases, I dont really want to spend the time or energy to fully polish and repair these CDs that I might play once in a blue moon.

Does anyone have any successful quick clean strategies?

Looking through the archives, it seems a shot of compressed air in the transport might help, but any other tips also appreciated.
Hello Cwlondon, Compressed air will blow the dust off your transport, but won't do a thing for your "scratchy/dirty CDs". Try some lemon pledge or plastic polish on the CDs, just a little. If you really don't want to take the time or energy to polish them, they make great little frisbees, mmmmmm, lemony! Hee Hee
Stop at your local lenscrafters et.cet. and buy some of their lens cleaner. Works fine.