Any "Deadhead" audiophiles out there to help

Looking to fine tune my system for mostly music and then home theater. As apparent I am a deadhead since the early 80s and love the music and grew up on the sound. I have not really swayed much from that genre but do have an ear for classical too. I play a lot of SACD, DVD Audio and blu-ray DVDs. Currently I have a mix bag system and was wondering if I could tighten it up or move some things around. Unfortunately my room is awkward with 8 foot ceilings and 25 by 13 with an extended room open from the length to add about another 12 feet from the front speakers. This creates an "L" shape room, it was a remodel job from the prior owner converting the single car garage into another sitting room with a woodstove. I have been slowly building my system and would like any and all input on changes that could make it sound even better. This is a living area so I must keep it wife approved, as she has embraced this change as well. Now you know most "deadheads" aint got major loot, but I do save and will spend for the right gear. Here is my setup..

Pioneer Elite VSX 94TXH
B&K Reference 200.7
B&W CDM 7NT fronts (Bi-amped)
B&W CC6 center (looking to improve to CDM CNT version)
B&W 602 S1 (Bi-wired) rears along with 2 Athena bookshelfs near the ceiling
Martin Logan Motion 4's and 2-Mirage Nanosats for Side surrounds
Paradigm PDR-10 sub
Oppo BDP 93 player
Panasonic 50 inch plasma

I also have a few other mirage nanosats in other rooms to provide music in those locations and split that with a niles speaker selector
Any good suggestions on speaker cables as I prefer the bi-amp sound vs the bi wire method..I have a run of 12 feet that is needed for my fronts, figure I woould start their first..


Try the Kimber Kable PBJ cables. They have been in production for something like twenty plus years and have not changed. They are also reasonably priced.
Also, check out McIntosh's website. There is a video of an interview with Bob Weir for Mac gear. The Dead powered the Wall of Sound with 23,000+ watts of McIntosh power. Bob still uses Mac gear to this day.
Also.....the Europe '72 shows are all being released for individual sale if you missed out on the order for the 7200 limited box sets. There are 74 CDs in the box all of which are from the European tour that year. The sound quality is pretty good from what I hear. That should keep you Truckin' for a long time!

For true Phil Bombs, consider a (or, better, two) JL Audio F112 (or two F110s). Beyond that, and recognizing that you enjoy the surround/multi channel experience, if you are really looking to capture the live Dead sound, you should still consider going 2-channel. Peter S (and others) makes good suggestions about electronics. Re speakers, given your room size and configuration, consider switching to floorstanders with more cabinet heft and lots of mid-range clarity, extension and power handling -- so essential for Jerry's guitar work. I really question whether you're current multi-set up comes close (it may well; but I fear you are missing the core; and you must too, hence this thread). Or, get monitors with those qualities and add two subs. The advice about room treatment is spot on; it makes a huge differenence, and can be accomplished with WAF.