Any reason to go with anything other than Sanders Magtech for Martin Logan Summit X

Hi All,I know this has all been hashed out before, so please forgive the redundancy, but, in the interest of economy and focus, I'd appreciate anybody to comment on whether or not (and why or why not) I should consider any amp other than the Sanders Sound Systems Magtech for Martin Logan Summit X.
My listening room is about 15 X 25, and I listen to all varieties of music via digital and vinyl sources.

Thanks in advance.
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It is a general rule, but not an absolute rule, to go with solid state amps when using ESLs because of the generally true impedance matching issues.

There are lots of good exceptions though, so it’s not an absolute, just more likely.  You might really want a drop in upper octave output, in which case a high output amp (i.e. tube) will suit your needs.

Personally, give me a nice juicy preamp and a solid state amp with those. :)


You might really want a drop in upper octave output, in which case a high output impedance amp (i.e. tube) will suit your needs.
"I inserted impedance above"as this is what will give " a drop in upper octave output " of an esl with tube.

This is correct, if you wish to mute down the top end of an ESL, but I’ve yet to hear an ESL where I want to kill off some top end.
Maybe if the said esl is driven by a "weak tube amp" with no bass grunt, then the top end culling could be in order to balance thing out.

Cheers George

I'm sure the Sander's amp is fine.  However, there are many amps out there that will power the Martin Logan speakers quite well.  Tube or Solid State.

Find an amp that is well made, and is basically an arc welder and you are good to go.

You can go with tube amps on the upper panels and solid state on the lower woofers and that not only works quite well, it sounds wonderful. 

Remember, high power capability does not mean loud.  Just like large speakers don't necessarily mean loud. 

Listen to a variety of amps capable of powering your speakers and hear for yourself.


One reason to not go with one of the Sanders amps in some circumstances is that while their unbalanced input impedance is 100K, which would be fine with virtually any preamp, their balanced input impedance is only 1K.  Many preamps, including most tube-based preamps, cannot drive 1K with good results.  And some preamps will sound best when their balanced outputs are used.

-- Al

It seems like the Pass X series amps have been a popular option. I've been using an X350 on a pair of Ascent I hybrids for years. Sounds good and really reliable. I'm more worried about the panels than the amp. I use an ARC Ref 5 for a preamp.