Any recommendation for a CD changer?

I have an Aiwa modded by Stan Warren. Unfortunately cats finally tore up the optical cable from the CDP to my DAC. Unless someone has an idea where to get the parts for the cable or to find the cable itself I'll probably need the new CDP. Thanks. 


Don't know offhand of any companies still making cd changers versus one disc players which are available

Yeah, used would be fine. I'll probably just look thrift stores and Goodwil for one. 

Looks like your cats do prefer a single unit instead of digital separates

This one caught my attention as I love changer convenience as well.


Just stop.  Stop with the CD changer that’s like 30 years old technology.  Just get something like this, load all your CDs into it and be done with it.  And if it gets you into streaming eventually so much the better.