Any recommendation for a CD changer?

I have an Aiwa modded by Stan Warren. Unfortunately cats finally tore up the optical cable from the CDP to my DAC. Unless someone has an idea where to get the parts for the cable or to find the cable itself I'll probably need the new CDP. Thanks. 


Onkyo has been making the DXC-360 a long time...I have one, and a few years ago bought a new Integra 3.4 , Onkyo’s upscale version...both play great, are reliable, and sound quite good run through an outboard to have around, and cheap enough that it is not a choice between streaming or a multi disc...sometimes it’s easier to load the multi disc player

It's a cable with the jack at one end and toslink led at the other. I have no idea how it works. Never saw toslink connector wired with copper wires - this must be only a led light. I called someone in Eugene OR Stan is retired now. If there is a way to post pictures on this forum I would. Thanks man!



Lol soix, nearly every piece of equipment I have is an old technology- hell, my DAC is from 1994. :)

My cat did the same thing...ate right through my expensive Audioquest optical cable. I immediately noticed, however, that his "meooow" had a much smoother, more full-bodied sound.