Any recommendations for aftermarket C-7 power cord for Bluesound Node 2i

Looking for help on finding a better sounding C-7 power cord for my Node.  I have read about Audioquest, Pangea, Cullen, Shunyata, etc.  I have even looked at making my own.  Any suggestions or experience with good C-7 cords would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
I have a really good Tributaries C7 no longer needed about a year old. Tributaries is the entry level of Clarus Cables which are outstanding.
It's a 1 meter cable I will list on Agon. 
I am not a deep pocketed music lover ... I have Cullen AC cables throughout my system including my node 2 because they are solidly built, sound great, and you won’t have to sell your children to the Gypsy’s to buy them . 
Great price great service. 
This is an incredible power cord for digital or power 
carbon fiber shell Copper connectors , deep Cryoed 
Bests cables at 2x+ the price . Triode  Wire Labs 
it really brings out the low level details and great controlled detail.
and working on getting another ,and I have had many $$ cables .

I have Cullen power cords for both my integrated amp and my Node 2i, very satisfied with both.