Any Reliable SACD Players compete with Sony SCD777

I am really tired of constantly servicing my Sony SCD 777ES SACD player. I have many mods and really love the sound though when it works properly. Are there any $3000 range SACD players (2 channel OK) new or used that can compete with the Sony that are more reliable? Thanks for the interest
You can get the Esoteric DV 50S for around $3k now. Built like a tank-50#. Will most likely blow the Sony away!!!

Don't forget his 777 is modified,I doubt the DV50S would beat it,much less blow it away.Gary.
pugstub, if you don't mind me asking, why dont you ship the sony back to the co. that did the mods and demand that it be functioning properly.....
What is wrong with your 777ES & what have you done to "service" it? Pretty much everything needed to keep the transport assembly lubricated and up to spec can be done by the hobbiest with only modest mechanical skills. It's unlikely you'll find anything under $5K that can compete with a well-modded 777ES.