Any reviews of SP's Mellon Collie reissue?

Deciding whether the purchase is the lp but originals go for $400. So the reissue at $80 seems a bargain...if it sounds good.
None of those issues exists on my original (#1419 of 10,000), it is the best LP in my collection. There is excellent dynamic range, no compression, a truly excellent pressing. I questioned my sanity at the time, but it has been the best money I've ever spent to acquire this gem as a new unopened LP a few years ago.
Yes I had the orginal too but sold it when Iwas offered $400. Now i wish I had it back.
It would be really fun to compare an original to the reissue. I'm happy with my reissue as I said and it sounds as I would expect this band to sound. I don't consider this audiophile material but it sounds as good as any of the other Smashing Pumpkins reissues on the five tonearm/cartridge combinations I've tried. The only one I have as an original is Siamese Dream and to me it's not head and shoulders over the reissues. I really don't notice the distortion people are having problems with. I think Zero sounds fine. I have trouble keeping the volume at a "safe" level though.

I'm not sure I can see spending $400 on an original but it would be great to have as a collectors item and for comparison. I hope no one bought this based on my comments and was disappointed. Based on the many times I've played through this in the last couple weeks I wouldn't retract anything though.
Nothing wrong with my Mellon Collie reissue at all. Nothing. Sorry man. Check your setup, get a different copy, or just come listen to mine. Maybe this music could sound better, I just can't quite picture it.