Any Single Speaker suggestions for use with chromecast r

I've been looking into some speakers to use with Chromecast audio but can't seem to find a good pair to use. I'm considering buying the Sony speakers (zr5 for example) however I worry if they will work well if I decide to get a different brand speaker with cca built in and eventually a receiver for outside to stream music. Instead I am contemplating buying 2 Chromecast audios and connect them to independent speakers.

So instead I'm looking into a standalone speaker with an aux input for cca. I don't know if a bookshelf or a monitor speaker would work best or something else entirely. I only want one speaker as to minimize the footprint in the kitchen and living room. Any suggestions for a speaker I can put in 2 rooms with 2 cca's ?


Most of the latest wireless and bluetooth speakers have an aux input that will work with the Chromecast Audio. Hard to make a recommendation since prices, styles, and other features vary greatly.

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Peachtree Audio Deep Blue Sky. Has Analog and Optical inputs so you can try it's built in dac vs the one in the CCA.