Any small monitors that dont sound thin and bright

Love the sound of Spendors...they do that "space thing" so right...especially with vocals...which is one of my most demanding criteria...but they are pricey...and have limited dynamics and bass...any more affordable options that offer same level of transparency? I have a small mega bass is really not needed...I am also considering Castle Richmonds and Totem mites...are these anywhere near the Spendors?
Sequerra MET 7's. Meadowlark Vireo and Swift. Dynaudio Countur 1.1 and 1.3SE. ProAc 1Si or old 1 SC and Reference Signature 8. New product from Finland being introduced this year at CES -- Penaudio Charisma ( probably blows them all away.
Give System Audio SA2K a listen they sound better than any other I have listened to. AE-1 , Swifts , Proacs , B&W 805s , I have not listened to the Totems. These are not thin and bright . But very expensive 3500.00 retail. Worth it IMHO.
This is just my listener's opinion, but Castles sound a little dark and closed in and Totems (Model 1 and Mites, I've listened to both) sound somewhat flat and uninteresting. I also have a small room (11 x 13.5 x 8) and use a REL Strata III subwoofer. I put off auditioning subs for years, wish I'd done it sooner. The little Spendors are, in my opinion, far more musical and involving than either speaker you mentioned, and will mate just fine with a REL.
Just listened to the new Von Schweikert VR 1's yesterday and WOW. Not even broken in yet and had my jaw dropping. Keep checking the website for a release date.
For something reasonably affordable but never a slouch, the Paradigm Reference line is neither bright nor thin. As an aside, if you are seeking a rich sound, I would recommend staying away from the JMLabs monitors -- they are nice speakers (and well reviewed) and detailed, but a bit pale in their reproduction.