Any smooth jazz fans out there?

I've really become quite the smooth jazz fan over these past few years having Sirius radio and the Watercolors station. I've taken a liking to Brian Hughes smooth jazz guitar. Anyone know him? He's from California and performs that west coast sound. If you've ever heard the background music on the Weather Channel when they broadcast weather on the 8's, that's Brian Hughes. Listen over a great sound system and you'll love it. Also names such as Lee Ritenour, Larry Carlton, Fourplay, Norman Brown, Euge Groove, Paul Taylor, Peter White, and the of course Spyro Gyra. Any feedback?
Love the music, misnomer or not! Some of the best music I have ever heard. Spent alot of money on stereo, just to listen the artists you speak of. I got tired of rock music(getting older),of which, not as good as it was in the 60`s and 70`s, IMHO. The fusion of jazz and rock, during the era mentioned, such as: Chicago, Blood Sweat&Tears, Lighthouse, Ides of March, Average White Band and Steely Dan had greatly influenced my musical tastes. Have the Fourplay albums you mentioned, also Peter White, Boney James, Rick Braun, and Brian Hughes(who is from Canada, by the way).
just to name a few let's include: David Benoit, John Tropea, Shadowfax, Jennifer Warnes, Yanni, Herbie Hancock, George Benson, Dave Brubeck, Joe Jackson, Kitaro, Grover Washington, Patrick Ohearn, Monica Ramos, Bob James, Al Jarreau

I was so bummed when WNUA Chicago's smooth jazz left the air last year. They could really calm you down while stewing in Chicago traffic jams (grrrrrr) after a long hard day in the corporate pressure cooker. Had by far the best sound I've ever heard on FM - wide bandwidth, extremely dynamic, quiet and I do mean super quiet. Had to be a 24/192 DSP studio.
Fortunately - the P.D. Rick Odell took his format to 87.7 WLFM where they continue their wonderful music and uncomparable sound. Really do miss the weekly New Age show called Musical Starstreams though; thet's the only missing part of the formula. Frank Forest still streams his show on the web, but PC sound, now THAT really *is* crap.
I listen to all types of music including smooth jazz. Music is the reason why I am in this hobby. I am disappointed by some of the negative responses to this post. If you have nothing positive to add then refrain from posting. Just because you think you know what "jazz" is does not make you the judge and executioner. Shame on you.

Music in order to continue growing and developing has to branch out in all directions and smooth jazz is one of the many branches.

Ironically, it was smooth jazz which eventually turned me onto Coltrane, Miles, Brubeck etc. as I explored its many forms.
Frogman said,

Why don't we hear the same criticism of milktoast "jazz" performers like a Diana Krall. Please, is that really good jazz singing? Have her fans listened to Shirley Horne lately? Give me a break. Oh, wait! I forget. Krall has much better legs.

Glad somebody finally said this. Maybe I'm missing something, but I bought "When I Look Into Your Eyes" on the strength of the reviews and I just don't get the hoopla. I find her singing bland and mannered. And I don't even think you need to compare her to Shirley Horne or Ella Fitzgerald. IMHO, even Norah Jones injects more savvy and emotion into "Your Cold Cold Heart" than Diana Krall does into that entire album.

On the other hand, I'd never tell somebody who loved Diana Krall's singing that their taste was "crap." That's just rude.