Any sonic benefits of bi-wiring speakers ?

Hi, I have just upgraded my spkr which is biwirable(Zingali Prelude4). I have been using Analysis Plus Oval 9 spkr cable with satisfaction .Just wonder if I got the same brand spkr cable in biwire configuration (4 spades on the spkr-end; 2 spades on the Amp-end); would there be any sonic advantages/upgrade ? My system :Ah4000 CDP(Amperex 7308,Upsampling); AVA-T5 Pre and AVA 350EXR Power amp
I really need your opinions and suggestions and thanks in advance
The Audio Critic stated:

"If you move one pair of speaker wires to the same terminals where the other pair is connected, absolutely nothing changes electrically. The law of physics that says so is called superposition principle.
In terms of electronics, the superpositions states that any number of voltages applied simultaneously to a linear network will result in a current which is the exact sum of the currents that would result if the voltages were applied individually. At the same time it is only fair to point out that biwiring does no harm, it just doesn't do anything. Like magnets in your shoes."

Not sure I understand most of what they said other than the part about the magnets and from first-hand experience I can say they don't do a darn thing.
IMHO, the best thing to do is obtain some relatively cheap decent sounding speaker wire such as the 12 awg kind from Home Depot, etc., and experiment this way before laying down any more money for a second run of the Analysis-Plus cables.
It is really speaker/xover dependant. I just went through this myself with my Montanas. I tried a jumper with a set of Luminous Synchestra Sigs thinking I could cheap out and not buy another pair. Wrong! It is very obvious that these speakers need to be biwired to sound their best. This was confirmed in another system with another pair of Montanas. Same result. Biwired connections with lesser cable was equal or better than the more expensive cable with jumpers.

The same goes for VS speakers. Biwiring is a must with them. But as always, YMMV with a different speaker.

I think Dalton has a great idea. Get some cheap wiring and try it both ways and see if you like the effect.

You also still may be able to find some of that cheap Radio Shack solid copper wire that comes in 50ft rolls. Thats what I used to experiment before investing the bucks in some good cables.
I will have to aggree with Ozzy on this one. I was actually on the phone discussing the purchase of another independent single run to effectively biwire my current speakers.

I was advised it is *really* speaker dependent. For example B&W and Martin Logan to name a few benefit greatly from biwiring. I have personally experienced great changes with both. I have biwired and single wired others and not noticed much difference at all.

I have no experience with your speakers though. Perhaps a call to The Cable Company would yield some help. They keep a database as to which speakers benefit and such from biwiring. Their advice has always been spot on for me.