Any Spendor D9 owners out there?

If so, let me know your thoughts and matching equipment.

I just purchased a pair recently after hearing them at dealer and being very impressed...

Thanks for sharing. I wanted to hear a pair of D7s but the dealer steered me toward a pair of SP2/3R2s. I found their detail and midrange far exceeded that of the comparable Harbeth. My next Spendors will probably be the SP100s s or D9s. 
My buddy gave me a listen  to his D7's using an Audio Research tube amp and Berkeley DAC direct into amp. It was a great sounding system. I normally dislike tubes.
I've had the D9s for about 12 months now and have been really pleased. Use them with a Chord Hugo into Naim Supernait2 with Teddy Pardo power supply. Mainly streamed music and I have a MacMini going into the Hugo and use Roon with my Tidal account. 

I also auditioned the Harbeths amongst others but it was the Spenders that brought a smile to my face. They can be really exciting with the right material and forgiving with most. They replaced a pair of Rogers LS3/5as with REL Strata sub. 

Quick question - do you listen with the grills on or off? I'm still  undecided. 
I've yet to listen to them with the grills on.    The dealer had them off so I just kept them off.   

I've heard the D9s with a Chord DAC and they go very well together.   I'm using a SimAudio 380 DSD DAC which I think has the similar musical and non fatiguing sound like the Chord DACs.   I replaced a Berkeley Alpha 2 which I found a little too detailed/analytical with my previous Magico S1s, but I wonder if it wouldn't pair nice with the D9s which are a little more forgiving.

Yes, other than the amazing mid range, their punch and deep bass is what really surprised me.  I was expecting a polite and highly refined speaker and I was taken back by their ability to really boogie.   In that regard they remind me of the Revel F52s I had before buying the S1s.    

Do you have them setup with any toe-in?   I have them at 12 degrees (using a phone app) which translates to slightly behind my listening position.   HiFi World has a recent review of the D9 and they recommend no toe-in as they found the treble a little too prominent.     Since I am coming from Magicos I don't find their treble too prominent at all...   I'm using a Pass X250.8 amp which along with the SimAudio DAC make for a pretty relaxed sound.   

Checkout the HiFi+  review of the D9s if you have not already, it is a pretty good read...