Any stellar performances of Irish music... female vocalists?


I realize that Sinead O'Connor, Cara Dillion, and even Haley Westenra have all performed traditional Irish songs that are exemplary, but unfortunately, none are available on vinyl. Do you know of any that are?

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You'll probably have to look on the used market for Irish and Celtic music on vinyl. Pure Pleasure has reissued some Mary Black albums (Babes in the Wood and Full Tide) and these may still be available through some retailers.

I did a quick check of used Celtic vinyl on the Acoustic Sounds web site and they currently offer two of the better Chieftain albums among their used vinyl: Chieftains 1 and Bonaparte's Retreat (all instrumental, though).

If it would be helpful to start listing some very good Irish, Scottish and Welsh Celtic LPs, various of us could start that up for you. If you specifically want recommendations for women singers, please say so to narrow the suggestions.
Tear's of Stone, Chieftains and many other Irish artists. It does not get any better then that. Enjoy the music.
Check out Mary Coughlan. Her first album, "Tired and Emotional" is particularly good. Not sure if it's still in print.
OMG, Sinead, Haley, Celtic Women? Any true Irishman would throw himself on a spit of hot coals rather than listen to that. No more need be said of that ilk.

Go to Topic records website, go to the link for the radio program "Thistle and Shamrock" and easily educate yourself on true Irish singers.
Sinead is on vinyl,btw...only most of the early Sinead is probably not what you're looking for.
Good luck!
Look for anything with sisters Triona and Maighread Ni Dhomhniall.

They were together on the rare Skara Brae record from around 1970; Triona recorded with the Bothy Band and Relativity and later solo; and the sisters more recently have again recorded together.

Also Karen Matheson in Capercaillie. My preference is for the first 3 albums, before they added a drumkit and spoiled their sound.

I have no idea as to availability on vinyl. This isn't material about which you can afford to be too picky.
Forgot to add, look for the Shanachie label as well, they had quite a few lp pressings out there. Audiofeil has a nice list for you.