Any suggestion on DAC below $1,500


I am looking for suggestion with DAC around $1,000 but if the price around $1,500 and the sound will be MUCH BETTER than $1,000 then I can go with $1,500.  At first I was going to buy Schiit Gungnir as suggested by someone here but I put it on hold due to my vacation.  

Thank you,
Another great choice to consider would be Chord Electronics' Qute EX, or the newer 2Qute.  You can get the EX on the pre-owned market (when they show up, grab it quick!) for about $900.  I've heard many, and this one's got something special going on.  Eastern Electric's DSD DAC Supreme w/ a Sparko Labs Op-Amp upgrade ($1590 complete @ list prices) is also quite good.  Good luck! 
I own a Rotel RDD-1580 and absolutely LOVE it. One of the best easily up to $1500 that retails for $800. If you can get it second hand it's worth every penny. 
I second the Gustard x20. It approaches the palpablity of good vynl. Look for threads on head fi and Amazon review, in addition to What's best forum.
No doubt the Gustard X20 is the hot ticket at this price level at this time.
Wyred4Sound.  And they're upgradeable!  I've received excellent support and the sound is excellent.